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SS Postcard 1 - 02.04.16

Jake NaddelmanGaulRoman Empire, Europe Zach Naddelman 1 Finch Court West Windsor, NJ 08550

February 4, 732Dear Zach, I have just landed Western Europe for my trip, and you are not going to believe where I am at right now. My tour guide never showed up and I started to look around Gaul myself and so far I have learned some very interesting facts. I have learned that the barbarians hammered Europe for 300 years and wow is this place in bad shape! The cities are in ruins and abandoned. People seem to have moved to rural areas and there seems to be very little trade happening. There seems to be no real government or educational system. All the years of fighting the Barbarians has destroyed the society here. Another change I noticed was the language. I came here all prepared to speak Latin but I now realize that when Rome split, many regions in the Empire did not embrace Latin anymore. The western part of Europe where I am remained Catholic but those who do speak Latin have their own dialects so I can't really understand them anyway. I've also heard that those in the east lost the Latin language and have begun to speak Greek which causes language barriers throughout the empire. Finally, I learned that western Europe needed many important conditions in order to survive, such as walls for protection, language, riches, shelter, and most of all great leadership. I think they are going to have a really though time getting over all the destruction here.Well that's what I have learned so far but I am still having a great time. Hope to get in touch with you soonSincerely,Jake

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