SS_Divison Assingnment

by Prussell
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SS_Divison Assingnment

Vocabulary words!Divisor- A number that you are dividing into the dividendDividend- The number being dividedQuiotent- The number resulting in divisionRemainder- The number left when one number does not divide evenly into another number

The Division GlogBy: S. S.

Division is multiplication backwards!

Example division problem:Jessica made 108 cupcakes. She has 12 pans. If there is an equal amount of cupcakes in each of the pans, how many cupcakes will the pans hold? Answer: 9

Example problem: Bob had seventy-seven video games. He had six boxes to store them in. If there is an equal amount of video games in each container,how many video games would fit? (tell the remainder too)Answer: 12 r5



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