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by Carmen500
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srebrna góra


Trip to Silver MountainI and my class went to greate school trip to Silver mountain. We went to Silver mountain on Monday, but we came to Żory on Wednesday. In the first day we went to zorbing. On the evening some girls went dancing. Next day we went to gimnastic hall. In this room was very big climbing track. Everyone wanted tray climb. Next we came to our hotel, because we had to dress up. We went to forest and we had to through the channel. Everyone was dirty because in this channel was lots of filthy water. When the last person got out from channel we were moving to old main. In the mine was very dark and wet. We came to hotel very dirty and tired.On the last day we went to old bridge. This bridge was have 30m height. Everyone slid down from the bridge. It was the last attraction in Silver mountain.



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