sr1434's How Technology Effects my life.

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Computer Science

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sr1434's How Technology Effects my life.

I don't really need microwaves that much. But microwaves are helpful for warming up butter or heating a muscle soothing pad.

TV effects my life in the form of entertainment. My aunts TV has Netflix on it & has Amazon Prime video. TV has kept me and my family entertained.

Phones are a moderate part of my life. I wouldn't though be able to do things without them. I wouldn't be able to go places because my parents would worry about me.

How Technology Effects my life.

Game systems have been apart of my life since childhood. I love videogames.

Computers have been an enourmous part of my life. I need computers for a lot of different things. Computers have given the gift of knowlege unto me. Without computers, I would be so ignorent of the world.

This not my video. The videos name is :"Kids of Today vs 1980's Technology (HD)"



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