[2009] Amelia Barber: Squid and The Deep Ocean

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[2009] Amelia Barber: Squid and The Deep Ocean

Squid CharacteristicsSquid have 2 fins,8 arms,2 teticles, and squid can be many many different colors

Cuttle Fish


Nautilus Fish

The Squid's Sea Creature RelativesCuttle FishNaulitusOctopus





Squid In The Deep

Good Or Bad PetSquid are great pets because they eat fish,crab,and shrimp like us so they are easy to get food for another reason is that they come in many different colors and sizes

What They EatFish,ShrimpCrab,and other sea creatures it can catch

Life Cycle

Camoflagesquid are able to change color according to were they are and what thier surrowdings look like.

Squid Habitat Squid live on the bottom of the ocean lurcking in the mud and pebbles stalking tjier prey and getting ready to pounce

Enimiesthe squid has different enimies according to its size. But most squid have enimies such as Sharks,Otter,Large Birds ,Dolphins,and last but not least Whales !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adaptionschange colorsjet away fast from enimies.

Vampire Squid

Firefly Squid

Why are squid always so funny?Because theyr always Kraken jokes

Interesting FactsNo BonesSquirts InkVery Fastcan lay 70,000 eggs

http://">Carefulhttp://">Humans need to be careful of squid because if irritated a squid can pull and pull and not let go and you could drawn.So if you ever see a squid tell a trusted adult right away.

Peanut Squid

Amelia Barber

A squid can lay


Squid Hat

squid from minecraft

Mario Squid


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