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Social Studies
European history

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Spy Files

Threat LevelHitler was a very big threat the Britain and the rest of Europe. Hitler were alliances with Italy and Japan so he became more powerful. He could threaten peace for world war 1. The British should find away to stop him and keep the peace. They should stop taking what Germany had.

Social and Economic Conditions Hitler created a fascism government in Germany. He was the dictator of Germany.he blamed the Jews for all Germany's problems. He made concentration camps. He promised to get Germany in a better condition and revive Germany. He created a master race called Aryans. They are people with blond hair blue eyes.

Type of Government:Fascism

How Hitler came powerHitler was a good speaker. He joined the Nazi party after world war 1. He had plans to make Germany stronger and the Nazi party got stronger.he wrote Mein Kampf when he was in jail. In his book he wrote how he was going to change Germany. In his book he said he was going to give the Germans more lebensraum living space.

Government ProgramsHitler made groups for kids 10-18 years. Hitler thought that the kids are the Nazis in the future. The groups were separated from boys and girls. They were training for military for when they are older.

Type of Government: Fascism

Benito Mussolini

How Mussolini came to powerMussolini formed the fascist party. He came to power in 1921. King Victor Emmanuel invited him to make a government. He made Mussolini the Italian prime minister. He took over and made himself the dictator. He was called "Il Duce" he chief.

Allies:Italy and JapanEnemies:The Allied Powers and Jews

Allies:Hitler and Fracisco FrancoEnemies:socialist party

Social and Economic ConditionsMussolini had a fascist government. The people in Italy could own things but they can only do what the government tells them to do. They had to be loyal to him.

Government ProgramsMussolini created the blackshirts. They beat up people who were critics and people who didn't like Mussolini. He used censorship and propagandas. He didn't tell people things that he did not want them to know.

Adolf Hitler

Spy Files

Threat levelItaly was not a big threat to Great Britain. Italy was not recovered from world war 1 and it was not as strong as the British. The British thought communism is more or a threat than fascism. Great Britain should watch what Italy does first before doing anything else.


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