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Sputnik Missions 1-5

Sputnik 1 Sputnik 2Sputnik 3 Sputnik 4Sputnik 5


Sputnik 2Sputnik 2 was similar to Sputnik 1, however it had more radio antennaes, was larger, and had the first living organism in space in it, A DOG. Laika the first living oraganism in space provided scientists with the infromation of living things in space. However, Laika did not survive the flight. Laika died in the mission, the Russion space program claimed that Laika ran out of oxygen, however many others think that there was a problem in Laika's oxegen during launch.


October 4

Sputnik 3Sputnik three was manufactured by Korolev Design Bureau. Sputnik three was used to study the pressure and composition of the atmosphere in its upper layer. The mission lasted 692 days and the mission ended on April 6, 1960. Sputnik was an unmanned space craft.

Sputnik 5The mission lasted one hour and fourtysix minutes. It was launched from Baikonur. It carried a dog and a mannequin, its mission was to test landings and living things in space. The dogs names were Belka and Strelkla a completed a single orbit around Earth with the help of some mice and rars, and then landed safely.

Sputnik 4Sputik four was the first sputnik to be used to investigate the means for manned space craft, The mission lasted one hour and forty one minutes and it was successfully recovered. It decended from the atmosphere. It carried a dog named Chernushka, some mice, and guinea pigs. It was one of the shortest Sputnik missions.

Sputnik 1Sputnik one was the first object and satilite in space launched by the Russians. It was manufactured by Soviet Ministry of Radiotechnical Industry. It was launched from Baikonur. The mission lasted 92 days. It had 1350 orbits, and took 96.2 min to complete one orbit. It had four radio antennaes to brodcast radio pulses. This launch worried many Americans and was the start of the space race.


November 3


May 15



September 5

May 15



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