Spuds by Karen Hesse

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Spuds by Karen Hesse

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This is a story about three children of a struggling single mother who want to help. When their mom heads out to work one night, the children head out on an adventure to try to steal some potatoes from a near by farm. When they get home there is a surprise in store for them.


Spudsby Karen Hesse

This book could help teach about geography through the wonder pictures. The picture in this book are a good portrayal of rural farm lands.


Critiques:This book is great for showing how some families struggle. I do wish it were more specific about the setting.

This book can teach about culture through the depiction of a rural area through the pictures. It can also teach about the importances of family and food.


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Personal Connection

As a child of a single mother I have seen the hard work that it takes to raise three children virtually alone.


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