Spread of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism 1

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Spread of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism 1

Spread of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism

Islam-Started after death of Muhammed during the 7th century.-Spread through the Middle East and into Northern Africa over a period of over 1000 years.-However Christianity is still common in Africa.-Spread through Muslim merchants and Missionaries.-Syncretism: Islam absorbed Persia's knoledge of philosophy, science, medicine, mathematics, and astronomy.-Religious Tenets of Islam "The Five Pillars"1. "The Creed of Islam" Professing ones faith to Islam.2. "Prayer" Five prayers a day public or private.3. "Religious Tax" Showing piety to the poor.4. "Fasting" Abstaining from food and drink. This is lifted from sunset to sun rise.5. "Pilgrimage" must be done by all Muslims once in every lifetime.

Islam Symbol: Crescent and the Star

Christianity-Originates from Palestine from around 33 C.E.-Missionaries tried spreadining though Africa but were unsuccessful. -Islam had already spread through most of Northern Africa. -Successfully spread through most of Europe.-Merchants traveling along trade routes shared religious beliefs during their travels.-Basic Christian Tenets: 1. God's Creation 2. Sovereignty of God 3. Original Sin 4. Moral Law 5. Regeneration 6. Redemption 7. Inerrancy of Scriptures 8. Evangelism 9. The Traditional Family 10. Personal Responsibility

Christian Symbol:The Cross


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