Sprain and Strain

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Sprain and Strain

Sprain and Strain

How is it Diagnosed?To diagnosis, a histroy and a physical exam will be performed. An X-ray will be done to determine if it was a bone or muscle injured. A MRI is done to see if an specific liagaent was injured.

DescriptionA sprain is the streching or tearing of the ligaments. The ligaments is the fibrous tissue that connects the bones to the joints. A strain is the streching or tearing of the muscle or tendon. The tendon is a fibrous cord that connects the muscles to the bones.

EtiologyA sprain can be caused by falling, twisting, or getting hit with a lot of force to be able to move a joint out of its position.A strain can be caused by twisting or pulling a muscle or tendon, either by a recent injury, lifting heavy weights, or overstressing the muscle.


PathophysiologySprains are due to injuring a ligament and strains are injuries to the tendon or muscle, resulting in losing strength and function.

Signs and SymptonsThe usual signs and symptons are:-pain-swelling-not being able to move / use joint-muscle spasms / weakness-cramping- bruising

TreatmentsIn order to reduce the swelling and pain, the first few days: - rest the injured area.- put ice on the injured area.--keep the injured area elevated.- compress the injured area using bandages, casts, and boots.-take medication.



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