Spotted Turtle

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Spotted Turtle

Spotted Turtle

.The spotted turtle has a thick black shell.The shell has yellow polka dots on its shell and some blue.The males and females legs are warmer colors like salmon, red, and orange..The females usually lay 3-4 eggs a year

US StatusThe Spotted Turtles numbers are dramatically decreasing because they are exposed toxins in the air and in the water and begin that small a little can do a lot. The spotted turtle is listed as endangered in two states, threatened in two, a special concern in one and protected in one.

.The spotted turtle prefers low lying wet areas such as marshes, bogs, swamps.They often wanders into urban areas and forests

.The raccoon eats the spotted turtle as well as other reptiles, since it is almost four times the size of the turtle..The muskrat also eats the turtle, but the raccoon is its predator too

The spotted turtle eats plants and animals such as.Plants; algae soft leaves from plants and water lily seeds.Animals; crustaceans, mollusks, worms, insects in adult form and larvae

What is your animal’s value to the estuary?.The spotted turtle’s value to the estuary is that it keeps balance between every organism in the estuary..If it were to disappear, one animal would throw off the entire balance of the estuary..It also did nothing bad to humans and it would be a great shame for them to become extinct

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What eats the Spotted Turtle?

where does the Spotted Turtle live?

What does the Spotted Turtle eat?

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where it lives in the USA and Canada


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