Spotted turtle

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Spotted turtle

Spotted Turtle

By: Delia Ryan

What does your animal look like?The Spotted Turtle has yellow spots on its smooth, low, carapace or uper shell. The turtles skin on its head, limbs, and tail is usually grey or black and under the surface of a turtles limbs can be orange, pink or salmon red. The plastron or lower shell is yellow or yellow-orange with black blotches on the scute or shell segment.

Where does your amimal live in the estuary?The Spotted Turtle lives in sage meadows, boggy ponds, fens, tamarack swamps, and shallow muddy streams. The Spotted Turtles frequently wander on land between wet lands and may aestivate on land for weeks at a time. The Spotted Turtles perfer shallow waters with a soft bottom. When the Spotted Turtle is disturbed it may go into the water and swim to the bottom. The Spotted Turtle will stay still and bury it self in the muck or crawl under an object such as a log.

What does your animal eat?The Spotted Turtle usually eats a variety of plants and animal foods which are consumed in the water. The vegetables they might eat is algea, the leaves off of some aquatic plants and lily seeds. The animal foods include worms, mollusks, crustathions, adult and larva insects, amphibian eggs, larva and carrion. Spotted Turtles also can eat trout chow, pink mice, pre-killed adult mice, live or frozen fish, earth worms, and crickets. As you can see the Spotted Turtle has a lot off food on its menu and the Spotted Turtle is a hungry turtle.

What animals eat your animal?The Spotted Turtle is usually eaten by dogs, skunks and raccoons. The Spotted Turtle is endangered so the less things that eat it maybe it won't become extinct.

How is your animal important to the estuary?The Spotted Turtle is important to the estuary because it eats the animals that might over populate if they are not eaten.


The female Spotted Turtle has a yellow chin, orange eyes, and a short tail.

The places you can find the Spotted Turtle is in between Maine and Florida. The states you will find them is Conectucit, Georiga, Road Island, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts and New Hampshere.

The male Spotted Turtle has a tan chin, brown eyes, and a long thick tail.

The Spotted Turtles travel 3/4th's of a mile usually in 1 to 2 days.


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