Spotted Seal

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Spotted Seal

Spotted SealPinnipedBy Elsie Yocum

Population Status:As of the 1970's 200,000-250,000not endangered

Fun Facts:Spotted seal babies are born in white lanugo and shed it after four weeks,they don't have external ears like the sea lion, they can only use their front flippers, they make a large variety of sounds including growls, barks, moans, and roars, they live to be approximately 35 years old.

Food:Spotted seals eat a variety of small schooling fish, crusteceans, cephalopods, shrimp, and octopus.

~Seasonal migration~

~Food chain~



Predators:Sleeper sharks, killer whales, walruses, sea lions, polar bears, brown bears, wolves, Actic foxes, eagles, ravens, sea gulls, and humans.

Size of adult:200 Lbs. 5 Ft.Size of baby:20 Lbs.

What they are used for:Meat: Dog food and human foodSkin: Clothing, equiptment, and crafts

Coloring:Silvery-grey with black blotches and spots.



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