Spotsylvania: Civil War Battle

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Spotsylvania: Civil War Battle


Date:May 8-21 1864

Location:Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Result: Inconclusive




Killed: unknown


Killed: unknown

Ulysses S. Grantat the outbreak of the civil war, he was appointed by the governor to command an unruly volunteer regiment, 1861 he rose to the rank of bigraider general of volunteers, Lincoln promoted him to major general of volunteers, he then promoted him general-in-chief in 1864, he later became the president

Robert E. Leeafter the war with Mexico he moved up to Colonel, Lincoln offered him the command of the Federal Forces, he declinded and accepted a General's commision in the Confederate Army, he led the most famous and successful Confederate army, after his parole he become president of Washington and Lee University

On May 7 Grant ordered the army of Potomac to march towards Spotsylvania Court House, his goal was to draw the Confederate's into the open field. Confederate's General Stuart was to make sure the Confederate's didn't get to Spotsylvania. A division of Stuart's cavalry battled Union's horsemen for control of Brock Road. Lee decided to move towards Laurel Hill, if they lost Laurel Hill they would also lose Spotsylvania. General Anderson marched towards Laurel hill and became within two miles of it by May 8th.General Warren advanced his fifth corps up Laurel Hill and was surprised to find General Anderson and the Longstreet's Corps against them. The two sides began to fight. Grant tried to break deadlock and Spotsylvania over the next two days. On May 9th Grant sent troops over Po River to find Lee's left flank. Lee spied on this move and forced Yankee's back acorss the river. On May 12th the Confederate's established a long ling of earthworks. Grant sent men opposite the tip of Muleshoe. Lee thought Grant was preparing to withdraw, so he removed his artillery from the salient. On May 12th, Hancock men advanced through the Confederate line. Lee shifted reinforcements into the salient as Hancock sent more men. They began fighting for 22 hours and almost 17,000 men were killed. Lee's line of troops at Bloody Angle gave him time to build a new earthworks at Muleshoe. Union troops moved towards them on May 18th, they were met with massed artillery fire and repulsed. Grant called of the attack and moved his troops to the left.


The Battle

For the Union there was a total of 18,000 men killed, wounded, and captured or missing. For the Confederates there was a total of 12,000 men killed, wounded, and captured or missing. The battle was inconclusive. Before the attack at bloody angle Grant sent a group of troops to Washington. As the Union marched towards Cold Harbor, Lee forced his army to go between the Union and the Confederate capitol.





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Minie balls made it easier and faster to load a rifle than other ammunitions. It also caused more damage than previous weapons.

Map of Battle


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