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Radio broadcasting made its debut in 20's. NBC was the major radio station that aired advertisements, news, sports, and stories to the nation

This time also saw the debut of "talkies" or movies with sound. Upwards of 80 million tickets were sold each week. This was a popular way to spend some disposable money and enjoy an evening socializing.

The Actors

Charlie Chaplin

Joan Crawford

Buster Keaton

Babe Ruth

"The greatest baseball player of all time." 7-time World Series champion. People would come from all over to see Ruth play ball. It was a huge deal to go to a Yankees game with Ruth.



There was a huge influx of money into the country during the 20's. People had disposable income and felt they had to spend it. This made the possibility for many opportunities to become tangible. Everyone could now own a radio their house. Anyone who didn't have a radio was seen as strange. This shift happened almost overnight. News could now be broadcasted nationwide in an instant.There was a demand for more than the radio. The people always wanted bigger and better things. Movies with recorded dialogue was invented. Movie stars' voices could now be heard by the millions across hundreds of theaters. Producers were had an incredible amount of revenue so they made more fabulous movies to attract the masses back into the theater. If you film it, they will come.People of the 20's loved to go out and try new things. Sports for the public was a relatively new concept and that was capitalized on by the New York Yankees who built their first stadium in 1923 that could hold 58,000 spectators. Having the right to say you've been to a game at the new Yankee stadium was a huge social boost.People valued quality entertainment with big, well known names, that they could talk to their peers about in order to flaunt the exciting life they had. The more games you went to or the more recent the movie production became the news that everyone around would hear.

Entertainment in the 20's



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