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Make a Crucigram!

Go to the attachments part (clip) and read the text, then pass to the Assignment #2

Assignment #1Reading

Assignment #4

Warm up!

Assignment #2

Work with a partner and anwser the following questions:1. What is your favorite sport?2. Do you practice any sport?

Put True or False according to the text1. Sally’s gym teacher is terrible2. Cathlyn and her dad go fishing.3. Ronnie is a professional basketball player4. Isabelle doesn’t play tennis at school.5. Joe likes riding a bike.6. Jack pays cricket in spring7. Ronnie thinks skating is boring8. Sally can swim 100m very fast9. Jack plays soccer every day

Answer the questions1. What is the favorite sport of Joe?2. What is Isabelle not very good at?3. How many times does jack play soccer a week?4. Who likes badminton?5. Who teaches Ronnie basketball?

Please go to the attachment part and solve the sports crucigram!

Assignment #3

Fill the spaces with PLAY, DO and GO_____ golf_____ skiing_____ gymnastics_____ soccer_____ swimming _____ tennis_____ skating_____ basketball_____ judo_____ hikina_____ volleyball_____ karate_____ cricket_____ athletics_____ badminton_____ cycling_____ tennis_____ jogging_____ table tennis_____ sports

Lets talk about sports!

My favorite sport is ___________. I think it is _______________. I also like _____________ and ____________. I’m good at ___________. At school I ____________________. I don’t like ____________ and ______________. I think they are ______________. I’m not good at ____________.

Fill the gaps

Extra exercises

Watch and pratice



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