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Sports Section: Dancing

Traditional Dances of BelizeThe Spanish traditional dancing is mostly moving your waist, legs, foot, hand and winding your hips.They also like to bend and do flexible movements. They like to dance to cultural music usually with costumes on.

The Puntapunta is a garifuna music and dance style performed at and celebration and festive occasions.A dance and music created by the garifuna people of persent day st vincen and dominica.punta is a traditional dance to the garifuna they have a style to dance there punta like dance from side to side.

On September 10th Belize always has a parade with a queen on the back of a big truck and the Belizean people come out and they parade to a certain place in the village, or city, or town. At the end of all carnivals they have judges who will say the winner of the three carnival groups. Throughout the carnival they usually blow whistles and throw sweets to the crowd. On carnival day, people usually dance with each other.

Sport SectionDancingWritten By: Violet

CARNIVAL DANCING IN BELIZEBelize carnival is held on the 21st of September, they have about 15 groups of carnival dancers. In the afternoon on that day the carnival dancers come out and they dance to diffferent kinds of music like Soca music, Brukdown, and they also play the Marimba band. The carnival dancers also come out with different kinds of carnival costumes with the Belizean colors of red, white, and blue. Some groups have different colored custom costumes.On carnival day they also have kids carnival groups dancing, each carnival group has a big truck that plays their music, behind that one truck is playing Soca music and carnival songs by Belizean and Caribbean singers. They have police at the carnival making sure that everything is okay and safe, and for people to give way to the carnival dancers and the costumes because the costumes are sometimes very large and people can get hit by the big costumes as they come down the street!