[2015] Eric Kang (624-ELA): SPORTS REPORT: Basketball

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[2015] Eric Kang (624-ELA): SPORTS REPORT: Basketball

This sport is very important to me, baseball is an very fun sport to play. when you play offensive, it is very challenging to hit the ball with the bat. Baseball is a fun game but also very hard game. Baseball is very diffrent to other games. It has all the elements of exercising. You run, swing, pitch, catch, walk and do all sorts of stuff. There are also many diffrent throws, according to: http://www.thecompletepitcher.com/different_baseball_pitches.htm it states: "Four-seam fastball - Maximum velocity and should have best command. This is the most important pitch because everything else works off of it.Two-seam fastball (a.k.a. sinker) - This fastball does just that, it sinks. A very good pitch for inducing ground balls.Cut-fastball - Holding the ball slightly off center, it will run away from the arm side. Usually a few mph slower than a four-seam fastball. Good for jamming hitters.Split-finger fastball - Strictly an out pitch. Dives down hard at home plate, many times getting missed swings." there are many diffrent pitches that was just some. baseball has a lot of diffrent combinations that's why I like it. Also I like baseball since you have a helmet. Basketball people could get hurt same with some other sports. But in baseball you have an helemt.

Baseball is a team sport played on a big special field over the course of several periods of play, called innings. There are two teams, one team tries to score: a player hits a baseball with a baseball bat and when it flys to the air they run around the four plates. All the way back to home base (where they started), when they run around the four plates and land on the home plate, it is considered a home run. The batter (offensive player) is the player who hits the ball with a baseball bat. The baseball is thrown by the pitcher (defensive player) the four plates is were the batter runs to when he hits the ball. If someone from defensive team catches the ball in midair, then the batter is out. When the defensiveteam sucessfully gets three players from offensive team out they switch. so defensive team switchs too offense and offense switchs to defensive. On the defensive team on each plate there is one defensive player when an offensive player hits the ball but no one catches it on midair then they get the ball and throw it a the plate to the defensive player. When the offensve player hts the ball they aim for first plate if there is more time they head for second base or third or fourth. Like I said there are defensive players in the bases... When the offensive player is running toward the base, and someone from the defensive team throws the ball to the defensive player in the plate before the offensive player reaches the plate the offensive player is out. also another way is when the offensive player is running to a base and a defensive player can hold the ball, run up catch up to the offensive player and tag him with the ball, that is considered out. So now you know the goal of the game to make home run, to score points by running around the bases. To run around the bases you have to hit the ball with the bat. There are many rules, overall baseball is a very fun sport.

Baseball Practicing(Batting)

Baseball Homeruns


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Baseball is a exeremly fun sport!

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