Sports In The 1940s

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Sports In The 1940s

Sports in the 1940's

Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and helped break the color barrier in baseball.

Jackie Robinson says, "Mr. Rickey, are you looking for a Negro who is afraid to fight back?" Mr. Rickey replies, "Robinson, I am looking for a ball player with guts enough not to fight back."

Quick Facts*In 1941, Leo Durocher (Brooklyn Dodgers Manager) made his team wear batting helmets!*June 2, 1941, Lou Gehrig dies of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis*October 23, 1945, Jackie Robinson becomes part of the Brooklyn Dodgers farm team

What was Joseph Paul "Joe" DiMaggio known for?*always improved skills*best player*.407 batting average*only one error in 1947

Boxing*February 5, 1943, the boxer Sugar Ray Robinson was finally defeated at Olympia Stadium*January 9, 1942, Joe Louis successfully defended his boxing title and donated his winnings to the Navy Relief Fund

Horse Racing*June 28, 1943, the racehorse Whirlaway retires after winning 32 races and $561,161 in prize money*December 23, 1944, a ban is put on horse racing in order to save materials for war*May 9, 1945, The War Mobilization and Reconversion Office lifts the ban

WWII- The affects of it in sports*Many men athletes got drafted so, women athletes were in high demand.*Men were expected to volunteer to go to war if they were able-bodied and ages 18-26.*11 of Boston University's best Football players volunteered for the Navy. *The war caused President Roosevelt to write the Green Light Letter, urging sports to continue to hopefully boost soldiers' morale

Chicago University discontinued its football league on January 12, 1940, saying education is more important at a time like this. To modern day, they still have no football program because they say it holds back education.

A four-man bobsled team was competing in the Olympics. They were burly and averaged 224.5 pounds. When they were about to compete, a waterpipe busted and flooded the run. They had to overcome that difficulty before they were able to compete.

Gretchen Fraser was a skier. She clocked the fastest time in the first run of the Women's Slalom Skiing Event.


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