Sports in Ireland

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Sports in Ireland


Irish game played with 15 players on each side and goals resembling rugby posts with a net on the bottom part. Players are allowed to kick, punch, and bounce the ball and attempt to get it over the bar or in the net.

The game has prehistoric origins, has been played for over 3,000 years,and is considered to be the world's fastest field sport. Traditionally Irish game played by two teams of 15 players each on a rectangular field 140 yards (128 meters) long, points being scored by hitting, pushing, carrying, or throwing the leather-covered ball between the goalposts at the opponent's end of the field with a wide-bladed stick resembling a hockey stick.

Gaelic Football


Women's Gaelic Sports

The game is very similar to the male form of Gaelic football, where two teams of 15 players kick or hand-pass a round ball towards goals at either end of a grass pitch.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is very popular in Ireland. There are two kinds of horse racing- flat racing and National Hunt. National Hunt racing is more popular than flat racing.The early races were mainly between two horses racing across the countryside.


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