Sports Glog instructions & rubric

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Sports Glog instructions & rubric

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You will create a Glog based on a sport. The class will spend three days in the high school computer lab. Your Glog must be completed during that time, so use your time wisely.

Sports Glog Instructionsand Rubric

You must include the following:oTitle of sport (in Spanish)oYour name (Spanish first name, English last name)oMajor event of that sport (ex. championship game or tournament)oAt least two famous athletes of the sport. Write information in Spanish.NameDate of birth and death (if applicable)Three important details of their sports careerInclude a picture or videooAt least five items associated with the sport (ex. glove, ice skates, ball, court)Label each items in Spanish (don’t forget the article)oLink to a website associated with the sport.

Important Dates:3/29/11 – begin Glog. Work in computer lab all class period.3/30/11 – continue working on Glog in computer lab. You should have basic information present in your Glog by end of class today.3/31/11 – Continue working on Glog. Due at end of class today!


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