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Erik Fisher is a tall, good-looking, brown haired senior. If it wasn't for his mean and cocky sense of humer, maybe he wouln't be so scary and people would take him seriously. In a recent interview with Fisher, our sports reported captured this quote: ''Yeah, Arthuer takes care of all my light work.'' This just goes to show that Erik will direct other people into misbehaving, yet never take on the consequences himself.

About Erik Fisher



All-Star Kicker Abuses Younger Brother?!

Lately, everyone has been talking about the mystery of what happened to Paul Fisher, star soccer player for the Tangerine War Eagles, also well known as Erik Fisher’s younger brother. Apparently, when Erik and Paul were very young, Erik and his buddy Vincent Castor pinned down young Paul, and permanently damaged his eyes by spraying spray paint in them. Now what this new-found information about Erik means for his upcoming career in football may impact him negatively, but we will just have to wait and see.

We are all still mourning the death of young Luis Cruz from Tangerine Middle.While the crime was being further investigated, rumor has it that our very own Erik Fisher was the reason for Luis being killed. Word on the street is that he wispered to his accomplice, Arthur Bauer, right before the crime was comitted with a blackjack. Erik is being held under “at-home control” in the Fisher household.

Theme Is: The theme of The book, Tangerine, is bravery; or standing up for what you believe in. An example of Paul standing up for what he believed in (Page 262) is when he confronted his older brother, Erik, about killing Luis Cruz. He later confessed to the county police officer about how he saw Erik and Arthur murder Luis Cruz (Page 284). An example of a website that portrays the theme of standing up for what you believe in is Pacer. Pacer is an organization that gives kids a voice to stand up to abuse or bullying. At the end of the novel, Paul stands up to Erik for all the abuse he has caused him and other peple as well. Paul becomes an upstander as others his age do through Pacer.

Lake Windsor’s very own involved in a murder mystery?!




This shows the theme of standing up for what you believe in because strenght, bravery and success are all connected to show that you can't succeed in life without strenght and bravery which are needed to stand up for what you believe in

Erik Fisher has not only abused his little brother, but he has also verbally abused Paul's young friend, Joey Costello. After Joey's older brother, who would've been the same age as Erik, died, Erik and Arthur Bauer were seen taunting young Joey calling Mike names such as, "Mohawk Man". This taunting caused Joey to transfer to Tangerine Middle with Paul, which soon aroused a falling out between the two friends.

Nothing but a Bully

Link to Pacer

Luis Cruz

Mike Costello


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