[2015] LING ROMONA (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Tennis

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[2015] LING ROMONA (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Tennis

Tennis is important to me, my health, and my happiness. I love playing tennis, with my friends, and my mom. My mom used to take me to the park to play and practice tennis with her. It encourages me to go outside, and not stay locked up in the house with nothing to do, exept being bored. I play with my friends, and it always cheers me up. Sometimes we fail at hitting the ball and we laugh. Tennis helps me stay healthy. In my house I don't exercize a lot, so I go to the park.


Personal Connection to Tennis

Description of Tennis

Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King changed the world of tennis for females. She tried her hardest to get equal prize money, as the men in tennis. Billie became tht top-ranked women's tennis player in 1973, and she formed the Women's Tennis Association. She was in tennis tournaments,while being a tennis instructor. Billie was never too shy to speak her mind. She threatened the 1973 U.S. Open, a boycott if they didn't pay the women the same amount of prize money as the men. She got what she fought for, and the U.S. open became the first major tournament that allowed the women to get the same amount of prize money as men. A tennis player called Bobby Riggs, defeated a multi-time tennis champian, and Billie made him her next opponent to defeat. It was called, the "Battle of the Sexes". Billie easily beat Bobby in sets. "Champians keep playing until they get it right" said Billie Jean King.

Tennis is a great sport, it is simple and fun, it is also makes you healthy. The objective of the game is quite simple. Usually there are 2 players in a game, but a game can also have teams of 2. There are the servers which serve the ball, and the receivers, which are the opposing side. The players have to hit the ball back and forth with a racket. A racket (or racquet) is a type of bat with an oval frame. The players try to make the opposing side miss the ball and not being able to return it. If the player(s) succeded to do so, the player(s) get a point. The rules are quite simple too. If the server serves the ball while the receiver isn't ready, the server loses a point. If the ball goes outside the court (the line surrounding the net, the players, and a certain amount of space), it is considered an out. If it's an out your opponent gets a point. There are'nt many rules but (in my opinion) these are the one of the most important rules. Tennis can be played indoor or outdoor. It is a sport that is popular world wide.Tennis is basically a giant ping pong game.


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