[2015] RAO TATIANA (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Tennis

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[2015] RAO TATIANA (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Tennis

My whole family plays tennis. I love the way the game is set up and the different motions you use when you play tennis. I also love tennis because you get tons of exercise its fun and also you move muscles in your body that you dont normally move.


Personal Connection to the Sport

Description of the Sport

Sport Idol

My sport idol is Serena Williams. I think she is amazing on the court. Unlike other tennis players she is mean on the court but when she steps off the court she has the kindest heart her opponites say. On the court her strokes are clear and she does not hestitate to do a move she does it an it comes out strong and clear. Serena has 8 single titles and she is the first African American to end a year withthat ranking since 1958.

Tennis is really fun and challenging. The objective of the game is try to hit the ball on the other side of the court and win the most points in the game. Unlike any other sport you use a tool to help you hit the ball. Its called a racket. The game starts by either you or your opposing player serves . Which means throws the ball over there head and hits it to the servece box on the opposing players side. Then after the player serves the oopposing player on the other side of the court ralleys it back . They stop ralleying until either the ball goes out , you miss it or it doesent go over the net.


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