[2015] KIM JOSHUA (624-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Soccer

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[2015] KIM JOSHUA (624-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Soccer

Soccer is an important sport to me because when i play it helps me stay fit and have some time with my friends and family. Soccer is also important to me because it helps me to become happy because whenever you exsercise you feel or start to feel a bit joyful most of the time. i play soccer with my friends at church and also when we gather in the fields or somewhere that has alot of space like the park we set up our goals and pump up our ball and we are set to have a fun and exciting game of soccer. Soccer is also important to me because it improves my speed and my reflexes and agility which is very important during soccer because in soccer the opposite side or th other team is your obstacle you have to try to not let them take the ball because it gives them a chance to make a goal which will be good for the other team but not your team most likely if you are competitive.


Personal Connection to the Sport

Description of sport

Sport Idol

My soccer idol is Lionel Messi because he is great at dodging people and some people think that he is legendary. He is very fast at running and he is also good at doging people he knows how to control the ball and take the the ball from someone else`s control. he has many tricks that include sliding dribling the ball in the air and passing the ball to others. He also is my idol because he has won many world cups and is considered the worlds best player but someelse is competing against him and his name is Ronaldo who is also known as the worlds best soccer player. There is a big debate about who is better but i like Messi better personally because he has more tricks and he made a goal by dodging 6 people from half way, which is really hard becuase the full field size is 120-110 yards and that`s along way to go to make a goal.

Soccer is a game where the objective is to get the most goals.There are two time periods which is about 45 minutes each period1. Don`t touch the balls with your hands unless you`re supposed to.2. Don`t hit or tug on other players.3. Work with your team cooperatively.4. To win the game your team has to have the most goals by the end of the game.5. Be safe and wear protective gear.


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