[2015] PORRAS DAMIAN (624-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Basketball

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[2015] PORRAS DAMIAN (624-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Basketball

Basketballeverybody loves to play sports but my favorite is basketball the reason why i love basketball is because its fun and its a good work out but the game also has to be fair so they put rules one of the rules are traviling, traviling is when you run without bouncing the ball if they didnt add this rule in everybody could score and that wont be fun for people and it would be very boring for other people who watch them play.

Sport Reflection

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Sport Idol

My basketball player idol is Carmello Anthony is my idol because he never gave up on his team and always showed support and courage to hes teamates and hes also a very good defender and a good shooter and thats why hes my idol oh and also he always showed respect to the other team and to his teamats.

baskeyball is a sport thart you need a stragety and communication with your teammates if you dont communicate with your teamates it will turn into a disasterand you would keep loosing a game every time. oe of the most important thing in basketball is being nice to your teamates by incouraging them and giving them advice one last thing is to always liscen to your coach because if he or she is telling everybody a new way or a tactic to play and then you go on the game and the coach is telling everybody whos playing right now to do the tactic you wont know what to do and then everybody gets mad because you dont liscen.


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