[2015] LIN MELODY (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Basketball

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[2015] LIN MELODY (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Basketball

In the third grade, I was switched to another class and during recess my former classmates ussually play tag and those kind of games. I wasn't really interested into tag. And so, when I got to know my classmates a little better, I saw them play basketball. Then I tried, I realized I really liked it. Then my classmates and I would play together and learn. We improved off of each other.A while later my new neighbor moved in next door and he turns out to like basketball too and we would also play against each other after school.In fourth grade I tried out for the basketball team and made it in. I was really surprised because I didn't think I was really that good. Fifth grade was a breeze. Although I didn't play that much at recess anymore, I still learned a lot from my coaches on the basketball. We were undefeated the entire season. We had a lot of fun together, we cheered each other on and gave advice.

Sport Reflection

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Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is an incredible athlete and is always loyal to others( a great friend to all of his team mates). He worked really hard to get to the postion he is in today. He has great sportsmanship and is incredibly hard working.Jeremy Lin attended Harvard University in Boston which is one of the best colleges in the entire world! The incredible thing is that he found the balance between education and sports. His parents were a big part in helping him become who he is today. Like his Mom wouldn't let him play basketball until he finished his school work. When he first went to Harvard, it was really hard for him to catch up with all the others. In the end he did. While Jeremy Lin was on the New York Knicks, he became a really big deal. Something called Linsanity spread across social media and all over the web. He made history in just the first few weeks of starting in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Basketball is a very intense game which people of all ages enjoy watching. There are 5 people on the court from each team at a time. Like in other sports, basketball also has points and a score which the team with more points is the winner. The way you score is to shoot the ball into the hoop. The points are either a 2 pointer or 3 which is determined by where the player that shot the ball, at the three point line or inside of it.Basketball is harder than some other sports because you need to carry a ball with you but you can't just run with it in your hands. Player need to dribble the ball. There are many violations to these rules as well. For example, a travel is when the player takes more than 2 steps without dribbling the ball, or a double dribble which is dribbling with both hands or driblling then catch the ball and then dribble it again. Another violation is fouling, when a player physically grabs, slaps, etc. to get the ball. The penalty is that the opposing team's player that got fouled goes up to the free throw line and depending on how serious the foul was determines how many shots the player gets. Each foul shot made in equals to 1 point. This game is played on a court and only uses one ballThere are also 5 postitions for the 5 people on the court. There is point guard, shooting guard, center, power forward, small forward.


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