[2015] ATTAVAR TEJAS (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Basketball

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[2015] ATTAVAR TEJAS (625-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Basketball

Basketball is a sport that I enjoyed playing since I was young.This sport has been greatly interesting to me because if I had gone to basketball practice then I would've been a part of my basketball team.What I have already achieved from this sport is confidence and teamwork. I now understand that it is not all about being the best in the team. It is also about being there for others and helping them through their basketball obstacles. Overall basketball is a great sport in which I hope to inspire myself and others to play.

Sport Reflection

Personal Connection to the Sport

Description of the Sport

Sport Idol

The sport idol I have choosen is Stephen Curry. I chose him because to me he represents what a team player is. He not only can shoot the ball but also is aware of his teamates around him and sets them up for points as well. Stephen Curry represents me in a way because I always want to be the person who helps my teamates by being cooperative and understanding their issues on and off the court.

Basketball is the sport I have chosen and in order to play their must be two teams with 5 players in each team. The objective is to score as many points as possible against the other team in a 48 minute period. One must also take into consideration that each team must score each of these points in one play that only lasts 24 seconds and if more than that, then it is a shot clock violation.


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