[2015] AHMED RIAD (624-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Badminton

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[2015] AHMED RIAD (624-ELA): Sport Reflection Assignment for Physical Education: Badminton

You should always exercise and have fun while doing sports! Take badminton. Badminton is a mix of running and hitting an object into the air. Exercise is actually very inportant.

This sport is important to me because this sport was one of the first sports i ever did. A few days ago i was playing badminton with my dad. Since I have been practicing this sport it has been more and more fun and natural to me. Since my dad and siblings taught me this game, I learned how to get better on my own. When you run through the air you feel the breaze in your face flowing. I've always remembered how to play this sport since it was the first sport I ever learned. It has also helped me get better at other sports I am really passionate about. Without practice you can't get better at anything. It's like the same concept in school. If you learn about writing an essay in a fun and effective way you should practie how to use it in the real world. Everthing we learn here from baking a pie to learning a sport needs practice.


My Pesonal Connection to Badminton

Description of the Sport

Sports Idol

Chou Tien ChenChou Tien Chen is 25 years old. He inspires me to practice badminton because he is a young person and he was able to go to the championship in Dubai. People like him inspire me to to always get new advanced gear so I can be a step above the opponent. Dubai is a famous place for multiple reasons. One of them is that many champion badminton games happen there. The weather there is very warm so that the players have a challenging environment for the match. They make it challenging so the audence and there fans can have a good impression of them.

1. Badminton is a competitive game 2. Two teams with two people on each side3. There can also be teams of one V.S one4. to score a point you have to hit the birdy, as people call it, over the net and try to hit it on their side of the court5. the court is 13.4 meters long , 6.1 meters wide, and the net is 1.55 meters. This allows every player to have a fair shot at getting a point and winning the game6. to win the game to have to get two more points than the other player without him doing to same. It is usually up two twenty points. If it is a tie it goes until whoever gets the next point


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