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We made this product spork by connecting spoon and fork. On one side there is spoon and on the other side there is fork. Fork and spoon are white, while place between fork and spoon is wrapped with dark thread.

Name of our product is spork. It is product that contains fork and spoon in one product. It can be used for eating and all different kind of things which you can see in our video. At first we were searching on the internet for some good ideas for our project. Our intention was to make people life easier. We came up with idea to decrease cutlery and that's how spork was created. We had many ideas how to make spork and we have chosen easier way to make this product.

At the beginning of our video we intoduce to you our DA industry which means Dulic and Ajhner industry. We also introduce to you our market and how we trade and make products. Although we just have started to work, we have this valuable product spork. To better inform about spork, please look at our ad. I hope you will like it!

By: Filip Ajhner i Ivan Dulić, 8.b



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