Spoonbills And Barred Owls

by SpiesOttersD
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Spoonbills And Barred Owls

SpoonbillsAndBarred Owls

Spoonbills... Spoonbills are birds that prefer fresh water over salt water but can be found in both environments. The scientific name for a black-faced spoonbill is platalea minor. The scientific name for a rosiate spoonbill is platalea ajaja. Spoonbills get their name by their spoon-shaped bill. They use this spoon-shaped bill to get food. They eat small aquatic animals by dipping their bills into the water, and wait for the animals to swim into them. When animals swim into the spoonbill's bill, it shuts its bill, and eats its prey.

By: Brooke

Black-faced Spoonbill

Barred Owls... Barred owls (strix varia) are brown, in color, with gray, white, and black spots, or stripes. They also have large, rounded heads. They are 21 inches long, and their wingspan is 43 inches. Barred owls are known for their call. Their call is a "hoot" sound. Most barred owls are found in eastern North America.

Barred Owl

rosiate spoonbill

Impact on The Book... Both of these birds impact the book, The Talking Earth, by showing Billie wind that a hurricane was coming. These birds also showed Billie wind where to go to get shelter from the hurricane.


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