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Tube Sponges.

Goiter Sponges


Azure Sponge

Barrel Sponges

Orange Fan Sponge

Fun Facts-Tube and Barrel Sponges can get so big that you can fit a person inside their tubes. -Sea Sponges are not classifies as plants or coral.They are classified as animals.-Sponges were around 500 million years ago.-If you break a peice off a sponge it'll still live, and it'll grow it back.-Sponges are one of the strongest creatures on earth.

How Do They Move?Sponges don't really move they stay attached to one spot.The larvae goes through brief free swimming stage.sponges have a skeleton made of flixable protein.Few Sponges have skeletons made out of tiny needles of Silica.They are found in warm shallow sea waters.

Common Characteristics.-All are Porifera.-Live in water.-Multicellular.-Don't have tissues or organs.-Produce chemicals.

How Do They Get Food?Sponges get their food by filtering it from the water around them.Their walls are lined with small pores called ostia that allow water to flow into the sponge.Cells with flagella take the water and food throughout the sponge.When it pumps water it also brings oxygen and nutrients.It also gets rid of carbon dioxcide.

How Do They Reproduce?Sponges reproduce by budding,which means they grow a little sponge out of their side, and they can regenerate.They can also reproduce sexually. Most Sponges are Hermaphaphrodites,which means they produce bith eggs and sperm.The fertilized egg turns into a larvae.


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