Spix's Macaw

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Spix's Macaw

Spix's Macaw

A Spix's Macaw

A group of Spix's Macaws

Two Juvenile Spix's Macaw

Description• Bird• 55-57 cm. long; tail length 26-38 cm.• Males: ~318 grams; Female; ~288 grams• Pale blue head and underparts• Vivid blue upperparts, wings + tails• Black undersides of wings and tails• Adults: black feet; juveniles: yellowish feet• Adult: black beak; juveniles: black beak with white stripe running across it• Makes loud shrieks

Adaption• Large beaks for cracking open shells and nuts• Have gripping toes, that they use to latch onto branches + grab, hold, and examine found items• Puff up feathers and spread wings to appear larger

Food Chain and Habitat• Ate seeds and nuts found on trees• Doesn't eat animals and is herbavore• Located in Brazil, South America• Last known habitat in tree-lined Melância creek (Juniper 132-133)• Lived in forest-like terrain in tropical climate• Lived in nest made on cliff sides or trees

Reason for Endangerment• Intense burning, logging, + grazing of food source and habitat loss• Bird rare when discovereed and population only went down• hunted for feathers and put into pet trade• Only less than 100 macaws left

Protect the Spix's Macaw!• Save these beautiful birds• Prevent losing the little chicks!• Spix's Macaws deserve survival• Right now, money used to fund breeding centers + used to fund expeditions to find the Spix's Macaw in the wild• Need your help• Send money to World Parrot Fund

A Spix's Macaw Breeding Center


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