Spiritual Changes - Puberty

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Spiritual Changes - Puberty

Trying to Fit In

During puberty, almost everyone feels the need to fit in because of their insecurities. As a result, many people change their personalities, styles, interests, and even the way they talk, just to go with the 'popular group'. They may also start drinking alcohol or taking drugs because their peers tell them that it's 'cool'.


As you go through puberty, you will feel the need for independence and you will want to make your own choices. You might try to do things on your own and try things that you've never done before.

Choices and Risks

Spiritual Changes (Wairua)

Your thoughts and outlook on life will start changing drastically during puberty. You might start to question the actions and feelings of your family, your friends and yourself. The things that are important to you may change as well. For instance, a teddy bear that you once loved as a child would seem useless to you as you grow older. Furthermore, you will think differently for when you're making decisions or judgments.

Questions and Thinking

Going through puberty means that you will have a lot more choices and decisions to make. Anything around us can affect our decision-making and every choice we make has a consequence. When going through this stage, you will also start to take risks that you wouldn't dare to take before, and try things that you wouldn't normally do.

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