Spinoff Technolgy- Nappers

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Spinoff Technolgy- Nappers

For this challenge, we created a car alarm that alerts you when someone is breaking into your car. The device attaches to your keychain and either vibrates or rings when an emergency occurs, the vibrate/ ring setting is adjustable by a slider. There are options to call 911, stop the alarm, and flashing lights are also present. The gadget requires batteries that are flat discs, commonly referred to as button- cell batteries.

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology? Spinoff Technologies are inventions orginally created for use on space missons, but then reused for developments in our daily lives.


Always Hear It Alarm

Design Review

Our technology is somewhat like the communication systems that are used to transmit signals between Earth and space missions.

With this project, we stuggled with deciding on a problem and solution. It wasn't a matter of arguing over what we wanted to do, we just took a lot of time to find that spark of an idea. Orginally, we were going to solve the problem of people getting sick from air pollution, but the idea we had for a face mask already exsists. We ended up with our final idea beacuse the prototype would be easy to make, and would help to solve a far too common problem- car theft.

We decided to call ourselves the Nappers, because with our invention, you can be a little less vigilant. The machine will tell you if a thief is breaking in.

Model- Quadrupled Size

Model- Actual Size

Button-Cell Batteries

Watch our video here!

(We apologize for the video not having the greastest quality. This was filmed on a team member's phone.)

Made by:Charlotte Burns* Sarah Rubino Lauren Eydt*- Team Captain

Here's a skit that demonstrates how our device works.


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