Spinoff MID School

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Spinoff MID School

How does it make the world a better place?It makes the world a better place because it gives underprivileged families a way to afford an amplifier.

What Spinoff Technology does it use?It uses scratch resistant glass, which is used in astronauts helmets, and temper foam which is used as an insulator on a rocket.

What does it do?My spinoff is an affordable amplifier that amplifies music on your phone.

How does it work?It works by taking the normal sound waves of your phone and amplifying it with glass, because glass cannot absorb sound so instead it reflects it and makes it stronger.

Make your World a Better Place with a Spinoff

What is a Spinoff Technology?Spinoff Technology is the use of an item being turned into another item that has a similar function.

Createa video to explore your spinoff invention

This is a charging cable hole, so you can charge and play music.



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