Spinoff MID School

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Spinoff MID School

What Spinoff Technology does it use?The technology that this object uses is a type of aerospace technology from NASA that was formerly used in guitars to amplify sound

What does it do?My object protects the phone from smashes and it amplifies the sound of the phone!

Make your World a Better Place with a Spinoff

What is a Spinoff Technology?A spinoff technology is when you have an object from space that is brought down to earth.This material from space is then turned into a gadget.

How does it make the world a better place?It makes the world a better place because people are always wanting louder music. Also, their phones keep cracking. With my gadget none of this will happen ever again!

How does it work?It works because the metallic glass is very strong and the ovation fiberglass allows the sound waves to amplify when it reflects off the glass.



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    companies have already made electronic cases to better protect electronics. Also, loud music is the number one thing that damages ears.