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Spinoff MID School

This spinoff will make the world a better place because cooking is the number one reason of fires is caused from cooking. Around 1/3 of these fires are caused from food left unattended, which this stove/oven can help with. Each year it is estimated 162,400 fires involving cooking equipment, average 5,400 civilian injuries, average 430 human deaths, and $1.1 billion in property damage.

Original NASA Spinoff Refrigerated Internet-Connected Wall Ovens

It helps prevent housefires caused from cooking reasons, such as forgetting about your food, letting it cook too long, etc.

When you purchase this oven, it will come with a code. You will need to download the free app on your mobile device, and once you have completed that you can create an account and use your code given to you. This oven will cook your food until it is cooked fully, and can help prevent over cooked/ burnt food which could lead to fires. If you'd happen to fall asleep when making dinner, the stove will stop cooking and send a notification to your mobile device. Once it stops cooking, it will stay warm enough inside of the oven to keep your food warm until you take it out. This stove also turns the burners off on the stove-top when food is finished cooking. This is also great for when children cook because they forget easily.

Fire Preventing Stove (T&R Stove)

Spinoff Technology is when you take an already existing product created by NASA, and you change it in your own way positively and use it to help your community in a positive way. An example would be memory foam,

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Other ideas we had were fireproof building material for homes, and a stove that could cook food just by a mobile app, and one click of a button.

We chose this design because many people lose their homes, belongings and loved ones each year to house fires. It is a tragedy because people can't control it, but our creation can help with these fires.

Some Criteria and Constraints would be not having a mobile device to download the app to connect the stove with, or possibly the cost for some people.