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Spinoff MID School

This system uses LEDs created by NASA. They last 20,000 hours, so they would work nonstop for 2 years.

This solution uses a harmless pesticide to kill the insects that spread life life threatening diseases.. The killing of these bugs helps stop diseases and the ruining of crops

Make your World a Better Place with a Spinoff

The solution we came up with for this NASA Competion was to create a device that kills bugs that spread diseases and ruins crops.

The way this system works is it uses the GravityLight to generate energy that powers the LEDs created by NASA. The LED produces a light that attracts the insects. There is a container attached to the system that conatins an organic, non toxic pesticide that kills the insect.

A NASA spinoff is a technology, originally developed to meet mission needs that has been transferred to the public and now provides benefits as a commercial product or service.

The problem was to solve a Sub-Saharan African problem using NASA technology. Our solution should be original/creative, practicality, simplicity, and amount of people impacted. We had to keep in mind the time, materials, and effectiveness.

Our invention makes the world a better place by reducing the amount of people and animals getting sick from insects like mosquitoes and ticks. Also, since the insects are exterminated, the crops aren't ruined, so the Africans have food. This also helps lower the amount of huger in Sub-Saharan Africa.