Spinoff MID School The Perfect Blend

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Spinoff MID School The Perfect Blend

The food preserver stores and cooks food so there will be more safer food in Sub-Saharn Africa.

Our food preserver uses technology from a coffee maker that NASA develped. The coffee maker was originally a spinoff technology.

Our food preserver can cook food fully to kill desise and store food at an even temperature to keep any bacteria from getting into it to begin with.

This device uses NASA technology to moniter the temperature of each and every item within it and keeps the items within ten degrees of each other.

Changing the World with a Coffee Machine

Spinoff technology is technology based off of other technology, but with a distinct difference that makes for a different purpose.

This is a mock proposal of our technology.

Our goal is to solve a Sub-Saharan African problem using NASA spinoff technology. We are required to solve the problem in the alotted time and to complete a Glog with the information. We are required to use the engineering design process and to show though research.



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