Spinoff MID School

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Spinoff MID School

How does it make the world a better place?If this is a success we can make cars safer by lowering the number of how many people die every year because of automobile acciedents.

What Spinoff Technology does it use?Our invention uses Temperpedic foam to make automobiles safer

What does it do?When the airbag deploys, the memory foam cushions the impact and reduces the amount of pressure that collides with your face.

How does it work?When the crash sensor goes off, it advises the inflator which pushes the nitrogen gas particles deploying the airbag that is lined with the memory foam.

Make your World a Better Place with a Spinoff

What is a Spinoff Technology?Spinoff technology are commercial products and services manufactured with the benefit of NASA

Createa video to explore your spinoff invention

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