Spinoff Hooksett Challenge

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NASA Contest

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Spinoff Hooksett Challenge

Spinoffs in my ENVIRONMENT

Invisible BracesThese are used when a person doesn't want visible metal in their mouth.

What is Spinoff Technology?Spioff technology is tech NASA uses in space that is now used here on Earth for other reasons.

Memory FoamIt is used mostly in mattresses and pillows.

Example spinoff I.

Example spinoff II.

Example spinoff III.

This is a Thermal Chest Band. It uses heated or cooled water to circulate body heat. The water is heated or cooled in the pump attached. It cools/heats because of the insallation of gel from a ice/heatpack.

Artificial LimbsThey were invented when people were experimenting with artificial muscle.

Find three spinoffs in your home, school or neighbourhood and show them here