Spinoff Hooksett Challenge

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Spinoff Hooksett Challenge

Spinoffs in my ENVIRONMENT

Phase change material moderates tempatures between the body and the environment.

What is Spinoff Technology?Spinoff technology is NASA’s ideas for space and astronauts that have been transformed into things that help make life a little easier for us.

Improved Radial Tires

Phase Change Material

Shock absorbtion Shoes

These tires have better tread life and traction, and the tires have shock absorbtion that redistributes energy back the tires. They have phase change material to help the tires maintane a more constant air pressure.

Find three spinoffs in your home, school or neighbourhood and show them here

Shock absorbtion shoes absorb the shock in your steps and redistrbutes that energy back into your step each time.

Improved radial tireshave better tread life and traction.