Spinoff Hi School MCA for SMET

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Spinoff Hi School MCA for SMET


HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM: Our application plans to address the problems of security by implementing the infrared detectors and microshutters. The infrared detectors will have a range of 30 miles and will be able to recognize heat signature of weapons in order to detect the use of firearms in a domestic area. The infrared detectors will also be able recognize criminal activity by recognizing the heat and movements of humans at any time of day. When it recognizes suspicious activities at certain locations, authorities will be able to pinpoint and arrest them. In order to avoid having data collision and having multiple infrared images clutter the screen, our design will use the Microshutters to block out unwanted data based on the Infrared to produce precise images. This will help in patrolling the borders and detecting specific criminal events rather than receiving a barrage of unwanted data. In order to turn this analog data to digital signals, we plan on using A-D converters and the Cryogenic Integrated Circuit. Our application can be used for the military to recognize the heat signature of enemy projectiles at an improved range which will allow for more time to plan against an attack.

EFFECTIVENESS: Our Nasa Spinoff idea is very effective because it addresses the deficiencies in the current field of surveillance and security. By using infrared technology from the James Webb Telescope, security officials can detect criminal and military activity effectively from up to 30 miles away.

STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: The issue of public safety has been of increasing concern in the recent decade with the explosion of advanced technology for the benefit and detriment of society. Our application will protect the security of the nation's borders and also detect criminal activities in order to limit the crime rate in the country while also detecting military threats from other nations.

EXPERIMENT:The purpose of this experiment is to determine the effectiveness and range of the infrared cameras attached to drones.1. Have a professional hold a firearm.2. Use the infrared detector along with the other necessary instruments to take photos of this professional.3. Study the detail of one’s ability to discern the shape of a weapon.4. If one can recognize shape of a weapon, position the professional farther out until the detail of a weapon cannot be made out.5. Attach drones with the infrared detector and have enough of them to cover the given range of weapon detection.6. Repeat steps 1-5 until the best resolution is achieved and repeat with obstacles such as walls and trees to disguise the person

NASA MISSION: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, set to launch on October 2018, has a variety of instruments implemented for the purpose of studying the universe through infrared light. The specific instruments that our innovation applies are the infrared detectors and microshutters. Our design will implement these powerful infrared detectors due to their range and effectiveness in detecting figures than a standard camera.


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