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Spinoff HI School

The Insector InspectorProtects Against: ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and other deadly insects

What problem do I want to solve with Spinoffs?We would like to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases carried by insects by locating and identifying them.

How can I solve the problem with new NASA technology?We can solve the problem using the viewfinder technology found on the James Webb Space Telescope. This device is known for locating and directing the telescope in the direction of specific stars.We would use this device to locate specific dangerous insects from a set list.

How effective is my NASA spinoff idea?-Our idea is mostly effective; however, it does have a few errors:-the radius of our dome is probably too small to be effective-our device might go off to often especially around wooded areas

Design an experiment to test how your Spinoff would work…We would build a model of this device, program in a set list of deadly insects and observe the results, adapting our idea as we see fit.

Criteria/Constraints:-lack of money to fund project -We could raise the money through donations and fundraisers-insufficient/inaccessible materials -We could appeal to companies who have an interest in our product to donate materials-weather permitting/correct environment -We could make the device waterproof so that it can be used in multiple environments

Brainstorming... Ideas:-We could use the focus knob as an addition to modern optic lenses. They would be located on each side of the lens and are used to zoom in on certain objects.-Use the ISIM to focus light and create goggles that allow color blind people to view all colors.*Use the viewfinder in the Insector Inspector. Located on your wrist, this device allows you to locate deadly insects that are within a 5 foot radius and project them on the glass sphere that surrounds the rotating device.

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