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Spinoff HI School

Our NASA spinoff proposal

Many foods and drinks are too hot for consumers' liking. This device will cool food or drink that is too hot almost instantly.

We can use the same technology used in the cyrocooler on the space telescope on a much smaller scale to create a hand held food cooling device.

Our invention is much more effective than standard ice cubes, refrigerators, or other trite methods of cooling food or drink.

We considered using cryocooler technology to cool large things like indoor ski resorts, however, similar technology is already used in these applications. A small hand-held device has not yet been put into use and would be very usefull in everyday life.

The James Webb space telescope uses a cyrocooler to keep its instruments at extremely cold temperatures for data collection. Cyro coolers can be large like the one in the space telescope, or very small.

Too Hot!

Just Right.

We will be testing the prototype and looking at the results compared to other methods of cooling food or drink (waiting, ice use, ect.)

This portible cyrocooler has certain constraints. For one, cryocoolers are not cheap to produce and many people would not want to pay a hefty price for something like this. It is also slightly too large to be confortable carried around for everyday use.


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