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Spinoff EL School

Spinoffs in my ENVIRONMENT

This is a fire extinguisher at my school.NASA did not invent fire dectectors but they did invent some of the technology inside. NASA made one with adjustable sensitivity as part of the Skylab project

This is me sitting on my grandpas roll of insulation. Home insulation uses reflective materials that NASA scientists use to protect the spacecraft from radiation.

Example spinoff I.

Example spinoff II.

Example spinoff III.

MY SPINOFF INVENTION(create a picture of an object you have transformed and explain how it works)

This is a picture of my mom's car tire and my robots tire. NASA along with the Goodyear company developed a material, five times stronger than steel, for NASA to use in parachute shrouds.This resulted in Goodyear creating a new radial tire that lasts 10,000 miles longer than the old technology. (P.S. My robots name is Frank) :)

A Spinoff is a Technology that was invented for NASA to use but adapted to be used by us muggles (regular people not astronauts).Here is an example,astronautsput insulation on the rocket to stop radiation. We use insulation here on earth to keep our house warm.


Video of invention


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    Amazing Work

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    Thank you to everyone in Girl Scouts, Incarnation, mom and grandmas school, soccer and swimming for voting. We were so close!! Thank you

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    Thank you aunt Annie and aunt Chanika for having your friends vote!!

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    Very good! Great Job!