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Spinoff EL School

You may think that the NASA's polished brass finish is just a regular coating, but, really, the polished brass finish may be a step towards conserving precious resources. It’s first uses were in NASA aerospace equipment and vehicles. The finish was used in these objects for a rare, chief quality: the polished brass finish resists deterioration from salt, humidity, wear and tear, as well as cleaning chemicals. Because of when the boosters fall off of the rocket when it is launched, this could cause scratches on the rocket, which leads to an unsafe rocket that the astronauts will be living in for months at a time; safety is vital in space. However, with the polished brass finish, this wasn’t a problem. On Earth, the finish was used for its undeteriotional abilities; see the latter. NASA has recently collaborated with Moen Incorporated to create a line of the unique polished brass finish. The polished brass finish may also be a key step in conserving natural resources, something we’ll need in the future. Since NASA’s polished brass finish resists deterioration, it doesn’t have to be painted on over and over, and because brass is an alloy made copper and zinc, this saves copper and zinc from being overused. Also, because copper and zinc have seriously tiny amounts of themselves in the Earth’s crust, the polished brass finish allows us to save these scarce amounts for things like money, wires, and electric devices. In conclusion, NASA’s polished brass finish is a very useful spinoff that may one day save our special natural resources from running out.

Software invented by NASA greatly benefits schools all over the globe. In schools, students, teachers and staff all use NASA spinoffs every day. A very crucial one is the computer microchip. Computer microchips came from integrated circuits used in the Apollo Guidance Computer. These chips are no larger than a fingernail and are amazingly capable of holding over 1.5 million transistors. Computer microchips make up our everyday lives, enabling things we use such as computers, SmartBoards and many other technologies used in school cafeterias, offices and classrooms work. Today, students in classrooms use computers to learn. At Wagner Ranch Elementary School, students learn their math lesson on the SmartBoard, using interactive models projected on the SmartBoard. Without computer microchips, the SmartBoards could not be used to give an interactive lesson. It would not give a better learning experience to students. Computer microchips basically make it possible for a electronic object to function. All in all, the NASA spinoff the computer microchip is very important for education.

What is Spinoff Technology?What are spinoffs? Spinoffs are ordinary objects that serve a great purpose in our environment, which originally were something else. NASA spinoffs were solely for space purposes, but many now have uses on Earth, such as, the polished brass finish, computer microchips and protective cool suits. Spinoffs solve problems on Earth, which is why they are so essential.

Gemma's writing hereNASA’s spinoffs are everywhere. One common spinoff is the invisible teeth braces. Invisible teeth braces are just braces with clear rubber bands and hard-to-see wires. Clearly, they are very hard to see. Our new spinoff, however, is the invisible body brace. This new spinoff originates from the invisible teeth braces, but we changed it to let it go on any part of the body and not just the teeth. This spinoff is simple: there is a brace and a clear ceramic coating. We decided to adhere the clear ceramic coating to the brace, therefor making the injury hard to detect. We would then apply dye to the brace, a factor dependant on the skin color of the patient in mind. Our new invisible body brace can go on your arm, leg, back, even your little pinkie toe! For teens and tweens self-conscious of bulging casts, our new brace is perfect for them, as well as everybody needing a brace. Team Space Spinoff Guinea Pigs believe that our new spinoff the invisible body brace is very beneficial to everybody and can help those needing braces. We sincerely hope that one day, our invisible body brace will someday be in hospitals and doctor’s offices around the globe.

About my example...NASA spinoff technology like a protective cool suit helps keep us and astronauts cool in a very hot climate like the moon. On the moon the temperature can reach 253 degrees fahrenheit. This was one of the challenges that NASA faced during space exploration. Nasa came up with a solution, a protective cool suit. Tubes are on the outside and there is a small battery pack that cools the water running through the tubes. This is useful on earth because it can keep people cool. For example people who suffer from heat stress can use the cool suit to help relieve them from the stress. In conclusion, the NASA cool suit is very beneficial.