[2015] Anna Cancilla: Spies of Civil War

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[2015] Anna Cancilla: Spies of Civil War

Spies of the Civil War

By: Anna Cancilla

The Spies of the Civil WarThere were many spies in the Civil War time. Either they were on the Union or Confederete side, they were all looking for information.

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Thomas Conrad

Belle Boyd

-Was a school principal at the Georgetown Institute-Would send messages to Confederate soldiers on the other side of the river-Was a headmaster-Was a spy for the South-He learned where the Union troops were located and passed the information to the Confederate soldiers

-Was a mischivous student when she was little-Shy was a spy for the South-She was nursing wounded soldiers when the war started-Union soldiers came into her house and tried to put an Union flag at the top of her house, so her mom refused, and the Union soldier lunged at her mom, and Belle shot the man.

Archie Rowand Jr.

-He was an army scout and was payed in gold-Was 17 when he joined the Union Cavalry in West Virginia-He and his friend Ike Harris volenteered to be a scout for extra money

-He out smarted Confederates since he came from South Carolina and could speak in a southern accent

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-Were ''Spy Sisters''-Were on the Confederate side-Were independent, smart and brave-Lottie was 32 when she married Judge Jim Clark-Ginnie was a 17 year old student at Oxford Female Institute in Ohio

Lottie and

Ginnie Moon


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