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Spiders most harmful predator is a wasp, bird, snakes, or bats.


The difference between pioson and venom is that pioson is ingeszted into the bloodstream and venom is injected through a bite.

Why should we care about spiders?

What are spiders role in the ecosystem?

1. There are 40 thousand species of spiders.2. Spiders are found on every continent of the world, exept antartica3. The largest spiders is the Goliath Bird eating spider4. An estimated 1 million spiders live on 1 acre of land5. It is said that a human is never atleast 10 ft away from a spider ever.

How can we stop killing spiders?

Life in rainforest

Did you know?

Chilean Rose Spider

1. We depend on spiders because they eat the bugs that harm us.2. They are tryning to find a cure for cancer in spider venom.3. We use spider silk for many things like fishnets or clothes.

1. When you see a spider release to the wild or your backyard.2. If you eat spiders dont eat them daily.3. Do not go out and kill spiders for enjoyment purposes.

Spiders have many important roles in an ecosystem. First of all they are a food source to many. Aforemension spiders also eat harmful insects and mammals. If spiders didnt exist lots of others spiecies could be extinct because they are a food source to many. Also humans wpuld be more suseptable to diesease like the Zika virus and many other widespread epidemics.


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